February 3, 2014


Back again this Super Bowl weekend with new artwork. Today’s illustration is of Hip-Hop artist Action Bronson. Action is a Queens MC who is a former respected fire-flame gourmet chef in New York City, who branched off into music. Many of his lyrics incorporate food in respect to his past. This design incorporates a “American Psycho” styled theme. Below is a video for his song “Contemporary Man” of his latest mixtape “Blue Chips 2″.

Be sure to check back for more!


Hey everyone, back again to post an update on the “Ghostfunk” project I collaborated with DJ Max Tannone on back in July.  There were recently a limited number of vinyl copies pressed, which I had the opportunity to design with Chicago distribution company Groove Distribution (GrooveDis).  Here are some images of the layout and actual vinyls, they came out pretty awesome.  Glad to of been apart of this project!

Here’s some track samples of the Ghostface Killah/1970’s Afro-Funk mashup!


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