Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (Game 2)

I just watched Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semis, and couldn’t help but be impressed by the Boston Celtics so far in the series. Many people were quick to dismiss the fact that the Celtics controlled the tempo for the first three quarters of Game 1, citing that the team finally has begun to show sign of their “age”.

Game 2 Boston continued their control of the Cavaliers early, this time placing a double-digit lead between themselves for majority of the game. Now with the series tied  1-1, I think its safe to say Boston has the edge heading into the next two games at home.

Despite a respectable stat sheet of 24 points and 7 assists, LeBron James was far from his dominant self tonight. His performance did not reflect the play that yesterday earned him his second straight MVP award.

This brings into Game 3 the question that circulated prior to the series regarding Jame’s elbow. Ironically with Boston’s Big Three all heavily contributing double digit points to a Game 2 victory, it makes one wonder if Cleveland is the team now with the question of durability at this stage of the playoffs….and not the Celtics.

This Eastern Conference Semifinals is turning into a great series.

I came across this video of Kevin Garnett documenting his transition from league MVP and his dominance in Minnesota, to a role-player in quest of a championship in Boston. He has had a Hall of Fame career and even though he is no longer in his prime as a Celtic, he is without a doubt the spark and heart of this team.


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