Hey everyone, back again with another finished piece.  This week I turned to a sports themed illustration for http://www.joedichiara.wordpress.com.  With the U.S. National team playing qualifying games for the FIBA World Championship (A horrible roster to represent our country if you ask me) I decided to do art geared towards the start of the 2010-11 season.  The most notable storylines coming this season are that of LeBron James and his newly assembled “South Beach Superteam” and the Los Angeles Lakers quest for a third installment of a 3-Peat.  With these two topics I created this piece of art.  Be sure to check back this week for more updates and art.  Also check out my website www.joedichiara.com


In light of LeBron James’ shameful and ego-ridden 1-Hour television special “The Decision”

I decided to post this HILARIOUS spoof video Steve Carell did for this years ESPY Awards.


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