Back again today with more brand new artwork!!  With the NBA Finals commencing this week, a rematch of last years Finals of the Spurs and Heat, oiffers both LeBron James and Tim Duncanthe opportunity to further cement their legacies as NBA legends.  With James seeking to capture his 3rd straight ring,comparisons can further be drawn to the “greatest of all time” Michael Jordan. Like all things in sports it is all about the debate, so who do you believe will be the game’s best player when all is said and done?




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Hey everyone back to with a new addition to my “Go NBA” series. This week’s illustration is of the San Antonio Spurs’ shooting guard Manu Ginobili. Ginobili is one of the NBA’s greatest European League players originating from Argentina. He has had a very impressive career as both an American professional and Argentine national member. Manu has been apart of 3 NBA Championship teams and won a gold medal as a member of the 2004 Argentine Olympic team. He is one of only two players, along with Bill Bradley, to have won a Euroleague title, an NBA championship, and an Olympic gold meda.

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Here is a video mix of Ginobili’s career highlights.

Back on to post the third piece of artwork in my “GO NBA” series. Today’s illustration is for point guard Deron Williams of the New Jersey Nets. Like the previous installments, the Nets font on the front of their jerseys is used within the design of the image. Be sure to check back onto to view the next set of artwork in this series, and to log onto to view additional work.


Again, here is a video of Williams highlights to accompany the illustration.

Hey back again this week to to post the second installment of the “GO NBA” series. Last week I posted the finished artwork for my Carmelo Anthony illustration which lead me to expand the concept towards other teams in the league. This week I am posting the finish for Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. Similar to the first design I used the teams font that’s on their jersey to add a graphic element that fans would recognize. Be sure to check back for the next illustration in the series and also be sure to check out for a more extensive view of my work.


Here’s a video of Rose’s highlights for your viewing pleasure.

Hey everyone back again to with new artwork. This week I am posting an illustration/design I did for new New York Knick Carmelo Anthony. As a Syracuse alumni I am very excited to see him playing once again in the state of New York. Here is the finished work, and be sure to check back to http:/ and to log onto for more art!

Here is the video MSG played in anticipation of his debut with the Knickerbockers.


August 26, 2010

Hey everyone, back again with another finished piece.  This week I turned to a sports themed illustration for  With the U.S. National team playing qualifying games for the FIBA World Championship (A horrible roster to represent our country if you ask me) I decided to do art geared towards the start of the 2010-11 season.  The most notable storylines coming this season are that of LeBron James and his newly assembled “South Beach Superteam” and the Los Angeles Lakers quest for a third installment of a 3-Peat.  With these two topics I created this piece of art.  Be sure to check back this week for more updates and art.  Also check out my website


In light of LeBron James’ shameful and ego-ridden 1-Hour television special “The Decision”

I decided to post this HILARIOUS spoof video Steve Carell did for this years ESPY Awards.

I just watched Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semis, and couldn’t help but be impressed by the Boston Celtics so far in the series. Many people were quick to dismiss the fact that the Celtics controlled the tempo for the first three quarters of Game 1, citing that the team finally has begun to show sign of their “age”.

Game 2 Boston continued their control of the Cavaliers early, this time placing a double-digit lead between themselves for majority of the game. Now with the series tied  1-1, I think its safe to say Boston has the edge heading into the next two games at home.

Despite a respectable stat sheet of 24 points and 7 assists, LeBron James was far from his dominant self tonight. His performance did not reflect the play that yesterday earned him his second straight MVP award.

This brings into Game 3 the question that circulated prior to the series regarding Jame’s elbow. Ironically with Boston’s Big Three all heavily contributing double digit points to a Game 2 victory, it makes one wonder if Cleveland is the team now with the question of durability at this stage of the playoffs….and not the Celtics.

This Eastern Conference Semifinals is turning into a great series.

I came across this video of Kevin Garnett documenting his transition from league MVP and his dominance in Minnesota, to a role-player in quest of a championship in Boston. He has had a Hall of Fame career and even though he is no longer in his prime as a Celtic, he is without a doubt the spark and heart of this team.

Here’s the finished LeBron James & Joakim Noah illustration posted to!
Like the first playoff illustration its a play on those oh so corny “Where Amazing Happens” NBA ads they run come the postseason. Check back to and for more updates!

LeBron James today received his second consecutive MVP award, now joining a elite class that includes the likes of players named Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell to name a few. Despite this accolade, I cannot place James in the ranks of those greats. One specific display earlier this season against the Chicago Bulls (Also their first round opponents) stands out in my mind. LeBron angered Bulls center Joakim Noah by dancing and taunting the opposing bench during a Cavaliers blowout. To me that shows the sportsmanship that players these days are lacking, which strongly separates them from the games legends. This inspired me to do an illustration regarding the incident. Check back to to see more updates and the final artwork!

Character Coloring

February 25, 2010

Color Rendering.


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